The Best Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Low carb diets for weight loss is the trend in the fitness world recently, but studies have proved that a healthy diet should not eliminate any of the food groups. If you are looking for the best vegetarian weight loss diet, it should consist of all the food groups. This plant-based diet is able to deliver adequate amount of protein, fats, and carbs.

All these nutrient are important for a successful vegetarian weight loss diet.

The Importance of Protein

You need protein to feed your muscle and also to build more lean muscle mass. Protein doesn’t get digested as fast as carbohydrate, therefore it can make you feel full longer. Protein is great for sustaining energy; for example is the runners who consume protein to help them maintain their high energy level during marathon runs. One skeptical about vegetarian diets is the lack of protein content in the food. This is not true, as you still can get plenty of protein from plant-based sources.

You can get the plant-based protein from nuts, nut butter, soy, and low fat dairy products. All these foods provides even more complete protein compares to the protein from meat. Another advantage about them is that they are low in saturated fat. By consuming dairy, you also will reap the reward of calcium which another proven fat fighter.

The Importance of Fats

People always get confused with fats. It is true that trans and saturated fats are dangerous to our hearts. But healthy fats do have abundance of benefits too. One of it is fats can deliver the same benefit as protein where it can help to control our hunger.

Unsaturated fat should be included in every healthy vegetarian weight loss diet with a moderate amount. You can get these fats from the like of olives and olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Unsaturated fats have been found to works well in preventing heart disease. They doing so by reducing the plaque build-up caused by high cholesterol. Unsaturated fats promote the good cholesterol which its function is to clear up the plaque from your arteries. Another reason why you should include healthy fats in your diet is its ability to satisfy hunger and reduce cravings. It is important to combat for the risk of craving and feeling hungry when you are on calories deficit or you will risk to cheat on your weight loss diet.

Carbs & Vitamins

Getting carbohydrates from plant-based source is easy. But you have to be careful with your selection. Because the carbs source that contains a lot of refined sugar, starch, or white flour, can totally ruin your weight loss effort. It can cause you to feeling hungry and craving for foods for all the time. Carbs can provide a quick energy, it is great to have them before and after workouts.

You can choose your source of carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you are so much into bread and pasta, switch them up to the whole wheat and whole grain varieties. Because of its high in fiber content, they will keep your blood sugar level steady.

The Dangers of Soy

The Best Vegetarian Weight Loss DietFor vegetarians soy is their number one source of protein, however, too much of soy intake can cause problems too. Thyroid disorders and slow weight loss have been related with the soy consumption. But this shouldn’t stop you from consuming it; just have it in moderation. So what is the maximum amount of soy you can have in a day? For this question, it is best to get the answer from your doctor or nutritionist. They will recommend the right amount based on your medical history.

By now, you should have the idea how to design your own vegetarian weight loss diet based on the information above.

Stay healthy and happy!

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