Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight

For decades, many weight loss method have comes out and claim they are able to solve the weight loss problem. I bet you might feel like you have tried almost all of them. However, have you ever tried the self hypnosis to lose weight? Though it is not for everyone, many claims it works for them. The high rate of success for this method making it a viable weight loss strategy. Sound interesting?

As usual, all methods have their own pros and cons. Including the self hypnosis to lose weight. Let’s take a closer look.

Pro: One of the best part of the self hypnosis is you don’t need any equipment, not even a hypnotist, because you are going to hypnotize yourself! It is so simple compare to other weight loss program, self hypnosis only need your belief and nothing else. But, if this is your first experience, visiting a hypnotherapist will be a better idea to get you familiar with the process. It is also worth your time and money to see a specialist to come out with a proper healthy eating and exercise plan if you are still new with the diet and exercise. Combination of these three factor will ensure your weight loss are on the right track.

Pro: Hypnosis have been proven to help peoples from recovering lost memories to giving up smoking. It is an established self-help mechanism which creates a lot of fans, but still can’t avoid skepticism over its merits. However, no matter what it is, thousands of people have successfully lose weight with self-hypnosis. The mechanism of self-hypnosis to lose weight is still not clear, but if you talk to peoples who successfully used it, they will swear it works for them when other methods fails. A common reaction from people who believe in it.

Con: No scientific study to back it up. Scientist still couldn’t find the mechanism of hypnosis in helping people to lose weight. Scientist assume it is works due to the placebo effect which the same happen during the medical trials, where it makes people to think it works on them. There is nothing wrong to be skeptical about this approach, and also no harm for you to give it a try. Since it works for so many peoples, who know it might works for you too.

In the Law of Attraction, the main principle of its concept is belief. Peoples who buy into this concept accepted that if you believe in achieving your goal, you will eventually achieve your goal. Let’s take an example where you want to become wealthy, therefore you start to make a smart investments which results in the wealthy you. Same goes to the weight loss, when you believe you can achieve it, you will act accordingly by eating right and exercise regularly which will leads to weight loss.

Con: It is not for everyone. Not everyone can simply be hypnotized. This is due to the difficulty to enter the altered state of mind. If you facing this problem, you can start with trying to relax and do some visualizing exercises. Recommended activity to help you learn about relaxing and visualizing is by doing yoga. You will learn to control your breathing, clear your mind, and focus on a goal with yoga. All these components are essential in self hypnosis.

If you are keen to give self hypnosis a try, you may look for online tutorial which will guide you step-by-step. Or you can visit a bookstore to find a book with detailed tutorial to help you get started. If you have gone through the unsuccessful weight loss endeavor before, maybe you should give self hypnosis to lose weight a shot. Who know, it just might works for you!

Law of Attraction Weight Loss

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