How to Lose Leg Fat

There is a reason why our legs tend to be more muscular compare to the upper body, it is because the legs carry us everyday. Even though the legs get exercise everyday, for some people it tends to be a problem area. The fat is easily to accumulate there, especially the thighs area. If you are finding out on how to lose leg fat the proper way, the answer is here. You will be able to get the slender and sexy legs with these proven strategies.

Strategies on How to Lose Leg Fat

Lose Leg Fat with Exercise

It is true whenever you walk, your legs are getting a workout. But sadly it is not enough to burn off those leg fat. To burn the fat effectively, you must do the regular cardio and strength training.

Your heart rate will increase when you perform the cardio exercise, thus it will boost up your metabolism. You need to find your own target heart for the optimal fat burning zone. You can use the online heart rate calculator to help you. Choose any cardio exercise  that keeps your heart rate in the fat burning zone for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 to 5 day a week.

Don’t know which cardio exercise to choose? You can go for swimming, cycling, jogging, brisk walking and etc. If those activities are not appealing to you, you can try to play a sport game or joining a group exercise classes. It is important to find the activity you enjoy so you can do it consistently, because you tend to skip your workout when you bored. Start slowly and gradually progress in your workout.

You can do your strength training anywhere you like. If you like to do it in the gym, you can use the machine which will deliver your legs a great workout. If you prefer to workout at home, you can try to perform exercise like bodyweight squat, lunges, and step ups.

Lose Leg Fat through Diet

You can lose leg fat faster with a high thermogenic foods. Because it  can increase the core temperature of your body, thus it boost your metabolism. While there is a lot of critics about this idea, many people still believe in it. Example of some thermogenic foods are like tropical fruits, peppers, and green tea.

Complement the thermogenic foods with leafy green vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole eggs, lean meat, and whole grain products. Reduce the sugar and salt, substitute the dangerous trans fat with unsaturated fat and you will have the perfect fat burning diet.

Lose Leg Fat by Losing Stress

Weight gain and stress is closely related. Our body responses by clinging to the fat stores and convert more calories into fat due to the threat like stress, illness, or too-frequent dieting. This survival instinct have started since the time of our ancestors have to make it through times of famine. Today, it is totally different and we simply accumulating fat even though the threat of famine is very much lesser.

how to lose leg fatTo overcome your stress and reduce body fat at the same time you are recommended to do yoga. Because it can calm down your body and mind, thus keep your stress level at the bay. Poses that involves in balancing on one foot, standing with bent knees, or floor poses that need to hold the legs away from the body are great for toning up your leg.

Remember, spot reduction will never happen. You need to reduce your overall body fat in order to lose your leg fat. So keep your diet right and exercise consistently, you will get the sexy legs soon!

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