How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women

For ages, the most asked question among ladies are how to lose belly fat fast for women without starving or doing endless workout? How to avoid getting skinny while losing belly fat?

If you believed that you can burn fat around your abdominal region by doing non-stop sit-ups and crunches, you are totally wrong. Because it has been proved that we cannot spot reduce the fat for specific area. You need to lose your overall body fat percentage to lose your belly fat. You can do this by combining the belly fat burning foods and regular workout to burn fat and get a leaner abs.

Find Out How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women:

Eat Belly Fat Burning Foods

The foods you choose will have a big impact on your body. Some of them will promote fat gain at your belly, and others can help you reduce belly fat. So you should not only concern about your calories intake; the types of foods you eat are equally important too.

Here are a few examples of foods that can put stress on your body. The two most common stimulants among peoples nowadays are caffeine and stimulants. When you consume them, they will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Based on these two vital signs responses, your body will detect it as a threat. So in order to protect you, your body will go into self-preservation state, by storing more fat around your belly for survival purpose.

The hormone that responsible to store fat around your belly is known as cortisol. Our body will produce this hormone whenever we go into the self-preservation state. You should remove this fat as it has been linked to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The situation will get even worse when our body produce insulin. The function of insulin is to manage the glucose level in your blood. You need to be careful with sweet flavors as it able to spike the insulin even your glucose levels are low. This is how you feel hungrier after eating foods consisting of artificial sweeteners by lower down your glucose level. You tend to eat more in this situation and therefore cause you to gain belly fat.

The foods which don’t cause an overwhelming flow of insulin, and don’t drive the body into conservation mode will be the most excellent choice for belly fat burning. These foods should contain nutritious, slowly-digestible foods like lean meat or tofu, fibrous fruits and vegetables, olive oil and avocados, whole nuts, whole grain breads and pastas.

If caffeine has been part of your life and seems impossible for you to remove it, you can change your coffee with green tea. The caffeine in green tea is enough to stimulate you, with the additional bonus of phytonutrients which comes with a lot of health advantages, and can boost your metabolism too!

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

We already tackle the diet part in the fat loss puzzle. Now let’s look at the exercise part. Your exercise regime should consist of cardio and strength training. Though they will not directly burn your belly fat, performing regular cardio and strength training are able to reduce your total body fat percentage. You also can do few abs exercises to ensure your abs looks toned after you remove the extra belly fat.

For cardio, select the exercises you will enjoy to do; you can walk briskly, go for a swim, jog around your neighborhood, take up martial arts, or spend time working in the garden. Happily perform them for minimum of three to five hours each week. Your heart health will go up, while the fat around your belly will go down.

You shouldn’t neglect strength training in your exercise plan. Because muscle mass can increase your metabolism, means more muscle you have; more calories you will burn. You can perform strength training for two to three times a week and half an hour for each session. While strength train, avoid training to failure. Because you want to gain just enough muscle, get lean, and look feminine at the same time.

Alternate your strength training day to let your body to recover in between the sessions and drink tons of water! Your body will not able to metabolize fat if you don’t supply enough water. Get your water around 64 ounces a day, or 1 ounce per pound of body weight a day.

There you go ladies, it is time put all these tips into practice and soon you will be able to reveal your sexy body!

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