How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Love handle is the fatty deposits on the back and sides of the waist. It is a sign of serious health problem and also looks ugly. The good news is you can remove them forever by choosing the healthier lifestyle.

Lose Fat All Over

You get the love handles due the excess fat accumulating around your belly. Love handles is something you can’t take lightly as it can risk you for metabolic disorders and even serious heart disease. You can reduce the risk to become diabetic or suffering a heart attack by lowering the fat around your midsection.

If you thinking to lose only your belly fat, you are totally wasting your time; spot reduction is an absolute myth. It is impossible to spot reduce your body fat. You need to reduce the overall body fat in order to lose your love handles.

Add in a strength training routine will be a wise idea since it can help you to build lean muscle mass. More muscle equals to higher metabolism! You can perform cardio together with your strength training as well as it can help to burn even more calories. Creating slight calorie deficit is another great idea as it can prevent your body to store fat. Combine all these three ideas to your fat-burning regime and you will able to get rid of your love handles.

Build Stronger Oblique

You can find your oblique muscles at the both sides of your abdomen. Your six pack muscles are framed by these oblique. The function of the oblique is to provide us the strength to twist and turn our trunk. These are the muscles that get covered by the love handles.

Training your oblique can help you to tighten up the muscles and also promoting the blood flow to that area. More blood flow means more fat mobilization will occur. Several exercises that can work your oblique effectively are like plank, side plank, lunges to trunk rotation, modified mountain climber, standing bird dog exercise, cross body mountain climber and dynamic side plank.

Below is the video tutorial to show to do those exercises in a circuit setup. Perform each exercise for 15 seconds:

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Eat Fat-Burning Foods

If your diet consists of high in sugar and sodium, no wonder it will keep add inches to your waistline. You need to remove all those foods and add in the fat burning foods to get rid of your love handles. You fat burning diet should consist of foods like heart-healthy fats, like those found in olive oil, nuts, and salmon; 3 servings of calcium from green, leafy vegetables or dairy products; and plenty of fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

To further boost your fat burning, sip the green tea for few cups every day. Green tea can boost your metabolism and at the same time works as the antioxidant agent in your body.

Check Your Clothes

Lastly, the dirty trick you should do to not sabotage your effort to get rid of love handles. Select the clothes that fit properly! Yes, you read it right. No matter how thin you are, the compression from tight clothes can create the illusion of love handles! So choose your clothes nicely and enjoy your amazing new look.

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