Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Many studies have proved the belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat. Until now doctors still can’t find the exact answer to it, but the fat around the belly is related to several health risks. Do you have a little bulge around your midsection? If yes, don’t worry as here are some guide for you on the exercises to lose belly fat and at the same time can improve your health.


In order for you to lose belly fat, you need to lose your overall body fat. This is where the cardio helping you to shed those body fat. The distribution of the fat on our body is largely depends on our genetics. No matter which part of your body that stored the most fat, reducing your overall body fat percentage certainly will help you to get the flat abs you’ve always wanted and also can improve your health.

So what are the “best” cardio exercises to lose belly fat? The answer is whichever exercise that you enjoy to do. Therefore you can stick to it for the long haul. Pick any exercise that you enjoy to do, and try to perform it for average of 5 hours a week.

If landscaping and gardening thrills you, get involve in some lawn and garden work. If you have kids, find some activities that you can enjoy with them like playing in the park or take them for long walks down nature trails. Tossing a ball or Frisbee for your dog is another excellent option too or you can simply take your dog for a walk. If you like to socializing, find a studio or gyms who organize the group exercise class.

Core Strength

You will require more than endless sit-ups and crunches to get a slim stomach. You should include other variations of these exercises to help you whittle your waist faster. For instance, rather than regular crunches, you should add the X-Body Mountain Climbers, Bodysaw, Inchworm and Mountain Climber Burpees(shown in the video below) into your abs routine. This exercises can be done anywhere without any equipment. It is simple and effective.

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Yoga includes breathing and stretching exercises that relieve muscle tension and reduce the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone release by the brain which tells your body to store fat whenever stress level is high. Yoga also places an emphasis on relaxed, flowing motions. It can be used to calm the mind, slow down the heart, and lower blood pressure. In addition to these benefits, many yoga poses are highly efficient for toning your midsection. Look for poses that are performed in the supine position, or seated and standing poses that require you to extend your legs and maintain balance.

There you go; by consistently performing the exercises above you will soon lose your belly fat and enjoy your life with better health.

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