Burn The Fat 7-day Body Transformation Review

Burn The Fat 7-day Body Transformation ReviewBurn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation system is a program to guide people on how to lose body fat permanently. This program continues the success of its predecessor which is the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program and its features have been enhanced to be more practical and interactive. Hence this program is focusing on the lifestyle change rather than just a temporary simple diet.

The author delivers all the information about fat loss that he knew under the sun with the complete set of diet guide and exercise instructions, which is a big miss in his previous program. The author made it clear about what is the 7-Days stands for. It is a quick start guide on which you build the foundation of your fat loss regimen for years to come. So do not mistakenly assume that you will lose 20-30 pounds of weight next week.

The author

The person who creates this program is Tom Venuto. He enjoyed the success of his previous program which is known as the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Unfortunately, he no longer selling the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle book in the digital form. Due to this success, he enjoyed the chance to feature in many influential media like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Huffington Post, and ESPN just to name a few.

Highlights of the system

In this all-new 7-Day Quick Start Plan Tom has taken all the information from his previous Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program and rearrange them to seven short lessons. All these lessons are set each for a day.

Day 1: Mental Training & Goal Setting

  • This section will guide you how to get ready for upcoming changes you will make onto your habit of diet and exercise.

Day 2: Find Out Your Calorie & Macronutrient Amount

  • This section will help you to find out your maintenance calories and how to adjust it for the successful diet to reduce body fat and retain muscle.

Day 3: Know the Foods that Help You Feel Fuller & Speed Up Your Metabolism

  • Find out which foods you can eat more but will not affecting your daily calorie intake. Also get to know the foods that you should avoid in order to achieve your goals.

Day 4: Three Food Types to Combine to Assist in Fat Burning

  • Get to know the three food types and their best ratios.

Day 5: Design a Personalize Meal Plan

  • Learn to design your own meal plan by referring to the principles of Chapter 2, 3 & 4.

Day 6: Design a Personalize Weight Training & Cardio Regimen

  • There is available workout program for beginner to advanced lifter. There is also the guidelines on how to structure your own programs due to certain limitations like an injury.

Day 7: Progress Tracking

  • Get to know how to track your progress so that you will not get stuck with your plateaus to keep progressing.
  • This is how peoples successfully transformed their body by learning to measure and adjust accordingly to avoid time wasting. This way will help you for achieving your goals faster.

Now let’s check out the bonus materials. Tom prepares these bonuses to complement the main e-book.

The bonus has four parts:

  • BONUS #1: Burn the fat essentials
    A toolkit that includes; workout trackers, meal planner sheets, protein, fat and calorie calculators, a data base for the program, shopping list, progress chart and a goal planner.
  • BONUS #2: Fat burn software
    This is meant to create and save customized diets and recipes. It has simple to follow steps on the daily meal.
  • BONUS #3: Recipes
    Tom list down his own fat burning recipes here. It is simple to prepare even without prior cooking experience.
  • BONUS #4: Fat testing system
    This is an e-book to show you how to measure your own body fat at home. This is the great way to ensure you only losing body fat and not muscle.
  • BONUS #5: Inner Circle Membership
    You will be granted to access to the inner circle portal of the program for 6 months. You may contact Tom himself if you need any help with the program! This is hardly offered by others program. You also can interact with other folks who are on the same journey.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Burn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation program is ideal for those who want to lose body fat naturally, safely, and permanently. It is also suitable for people who is into bodybuilding and want to get the proper nutrition for muscle growth.

  • Pros of this program:
    – It is suitable for all human age.
    – It is suitable both male and female as it can be customized according to your gender.
    – It offers you a 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the program.
    – It is a simple and easy to follow program with the e-book, videos, and audios tutorials
  • Cons of this program:
    – The only part I don’t really agree is the name of the product. The name of 7-Day Body Transformation can be misleading. It makes people think it is a rapid weight loss program where actually it is the opposite.

Final words on Burn The Fat Body Transformation System

It is all clear now that this program should be your top choice if you want to lose fat effectively.

Tom highlight the importance of the fat loss component which is consist of the right diet, weight training, and cardio.

Tom also offer you a very long period of money back guarantee with 60-day no questions asked! So you have nothing to lose to try this program. Usually, the scammy program will not be able to make such an offer.

And another best thing about this program is, it comes with only $57. A small amount of money to learn the great knowledge of permanent fat loss. It even less then you pay for a session of personal training in the commercial gyms.

In conclusion, this program will be very effective if you follow the manual exactly and you will notice what a great value for your money. No BS, no scam, and it is just an effective program that will improve your life.

Click here now to checkout the program.

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