Belly Fat Burning Foods

Do the belly fat burning foods really exist? Can they really speed up your metabolism?

The answer is yes! By choosing the correct foods, your body will be tricked to burn those extra fats.

Here we list down the tasty and convenient belly fat burning foods for you:

Citrus and Ginger

Belly Fat Burning FoodsRemember when you were young and about to get a cold, your mother usually advise you to get a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is well known for its immunity booster, but it also have other advantage too: It can help you to burn fat fast!

There are two ways the vitamin C can boost your fat-burning power. First, it increases the metabolism so your body can process the fat burning faster. Second, it seems to have an effect on your fat storage too. The citric acid in the vitamin C breaking down the fat molecules into smaller particles so it is easily can be flushed from your body and less likely to be stored in your body.

Among the belly fat burning foods, citrus fruits are on top of the list due to their content of vitamin C. Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes will be an amazing choice to add to your diet. You should favor the whole fruits than the fruits juice, because the fiber in the fruits is another fat-fighter you don’t want to miss. There is alternative if you don’t really fancy fruits, you can go for tomato! You can add tomato to your food or your homemade sauces for extra metabolic boost.

Another amazing fat-burner you need to pay attention to is the ginger. Ginger work as a vasodilator in your body, it improves your blood circulation by opens up your blood vessels. The better your blood to flow the higher you metabolism will rise. This has been proven by several studies that show people who add ginger to their food are able to lose as much as 20% more fat than their peers.

The mix of ginger and citrus can produce a great flavor; this usually can be found in Asian dishes. You may give it a try to your food for variety and this shows that weight loss food no need to be tasteless.

A warm bowl of oatmeal will get your day to start off right. Oatmeal contains high in fiber, it can help to stabilize your blood glucose level and prevent crashes and fatigue later in the day. Due to it thickness, it can satisfy you quickly. If you decide to add the non-fat milk to your oatmeal it will be great for an even bigger fat-burning advantage. Calcium and fiber is another great ingredient in fat burning foods.

You will get a quick rise in energy from the carbs in the oatmeal. The carbs provided are the complex type so it will get digested slowly. This is very good because it helps your energy up and appetite low for a long time. Another extra bonus you can get is, oatmeal lowers cholesterol, too!

Nuts and Beans

Another nutritious belly fat burning foods that can keep your appetite low for quite some times are nuts and beans. Nuts and beans also have fiber like oatmeal where they can boost your metabolism. Nuts and beans also have a good amount of protein which is important for maintaining or building muscle mass. Remember that muscles burn calories faster than fat tissue.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Doctors always recommended having olive oil in our diet due to its heart health benefits. The unsaturated fat in the olive oil can help to increase the high-density lipids level in your bloodstream. When the level of high-density lipids also known as “good cholesterol” or HDL increases, it can automatically decrease the bad cholesterol level in your bloodstream. Once your bad cholesterol is low therefore your metabolism will go up.

By including all these fat burning foods in your diet you can lose weight much faster. Complement with some fun and effective workout, you’ll not be so far away from your goal!


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