About Me


My name is Ahmad Al Azad Basril (quite a lengthy name, I know). Just call me Azad will do (I have enlightened your burden from pronouncing my full name, right?). I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have a diploma in Physiotherapy, certificate in Exercise is Medicine, certificate in TRX Group Class Level 1, used to be a certified ACE Personal Trainer, and many more certificates to be listed.

You may be guessing why a male personal trainer writing about women fat loss? Let me clear your doubt with a little bit more of my background again. I used to work in a commercial gym for years and most of my clients are female. Why most of them females? Why not males? As you know most of the males that go to the gym are meathead (including the non-meathead too). Usually, they are always thinking they know better than the trainer in the gym when it comes to training or workout. For this reason, I shift my focus to help women more as they are easier to talk to and always want me to listen to their concerns.

Throughout the years helping my clients to get in shape I have learned a lot of knowledge and experience. Women and man are not much of different when it comes to training. It is only the perception, mindset and thought that make them different. Physiologically, women and man responded almost the same to the training stimulus. Women tend to eat very less, do a lot of cardio and avoiding weight training as much as possible. While the man is the opposite.  Unless you are an advanced athlete, you may need a specific training to suits you. For the rest of you, the basic and general guidelines you can find on my blog here will be able to help you to get in shape.

Always remember to refer to your physician or health practitioner before taking any advice on this blog. Never risk your health if you not sure about what you going to try.



Ahmad Al Azad Basril